Pokemon Nature is another key feature of the game


Pokemon nature is another key feature of the game, introduced in Generation 3 (RUBY/SAPPHIRE). The third generation of Pokémon games also known as an advanced generation. It is the third set of Pokémon game released. Pokémon, abbreviated from Japanese titles POCKET MONSTER currently in English known as Pokémon. It is a Japanese animated fictional adventures, comedy, and fantasy television series ...

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Pokémon Sun and Moon Pokedex

pokemon sun moon

Pokémon Sun and Moon Natures is a key feature in the game. It was firstly introduced in Generation 3. These natures increase a specific statistic of your pokemon. However, a point to note is your pokemon can’t have more than a single nature. Out of 25 different pokemon nature types, your pokemon gets one nature. These natures are randomly given ...

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Pokemon Games Critical Hits in Generation I

game critical hits

Critical Hits provide you benefit when you’re almost losing a match. It comes handy in a lot of situations, mostly when an opponent puts you in a critical situation with a critical hit. A Critical Hit multiplies a normal damage in making it up to twice of the damage and highly affects the opponent. What are the odds needed to ...

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Pokémon natures types & type chart

Natures Type chart of pokemon

All Pokemon creatures contain their own moves. They’re assigned to their own characteristics and have unique strengths and weaknesses in both attack and defense. If a trainer is well-aware of its using Pokemon’s type chart; it gets advantageous for the trainer. In this way, a trainer can make much more damage than normal. A single-type, let’s for suppose, take an ...

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