FAQs about Pokemon Natures, Are these questions you’re looking answers for?

Pokemon natures affect their base stats (mostly on higher levels). While one stat is more advantageous or effective for a pokemon, the other stat is just not so much required.

Pros and Cons of nature of Pokemon

Note: Red indicates the decrease in stat while color Green determines the increase in it.

How to choose which nature suits best for your pokemon?

Pokedex (Pokemon>>Pokedex) is one of the effective ways to know which nature goes best with a pokemon.
Having a look into pokedex will help you determining the right nature. It will give you an idea of which nature will turn out effective. However, generally – the base stats which are above 100 are good choice pokemon.

FAQs about Nature:

1 – What are Neutral Natures?

Talking about Neutral Natures, they hardly affect the Pokemon in terms of raising or lowering down their stats. It’s like they increase a stat and decrease another at the same time which apparently cancel out any difference that will be made.

It’s advice for you to not train Pokemon carrying neutral nature for any especial event.

Bashful, Docile, Hardy, Quirky and Serious – avoid these natures since they’re neutral.


2 – When it’s about Base Stat Training and Attack Type Training? Which’s better?

Before we head towards answering this question, it’s important to define both the terms individually.

Let’s start with Base Stat Training first which is also called as BST. So, BST is pretty much like a very basic kind of training. From checking the pokedex to sorting out that which stats are the highest. In BST the trainer ev trains those stats.

For example, Helioptile is a pokemon having a flexible speed base stat. In this capacity the trainer will have to give speed evs to the pokemon. However, Attack Type Training (ATT) requires a little more emphasis on making Pokemon do the variety of skills, whether it’s about making a special attack or just attack.

Now a question arises for which of these two terms a trainer is supposed to go for? (BST or ATT)

This is because few Pokemons have base stats which are high but still these base stats don’t turn out productively. Perhaps, because of a lacking in Attack Type which may support these base stats.

And in this case, let’s take an example of Lucario which is a Pokemon balancing both Atk and Sp Atk Base Stats. Now one may ask, for which nature a trainer may go for? (Timid or Jolly Nature)

To answer this, you will again have to look into the Pokedex which keeps an equal list of Attacks and Special Attacks.

But it’s also advice to go for the nature which balances the use of both Attack and Special Attack; Naïve and Hasty for instance.


 3 – Can a trainer use any nature Pokemon? If ivs are high

If you’re in competitive PvP, this kind of approach isn’t recommended. However if you’re using the Pokemon gym battles in order to get badges, this wouldn’t go against you.

If you completely ignore or neglect the effects of your Pokemon’s Nature, you’re unable to fully increase the complete base stats and also the potential of your Pokemon’s power.

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