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Pokemon Games Critical Hits in Generation I

Critical Hits provide you benefit when you’re almost losing a match. It comes handy in a lot of situations, mostly when an opponent puts you in a critical situation with a critical hit.

A Critical Hit multiplies a normal damage in making it up to twice of the damage and highly affects the opponent.

What are the odds needed to cause a critical hit? This guide explains all of this in detail.


Critical Hits in Generation I

Generation I had a little wildly way to produce Critical Hits as compared to games that came later. Critical Hits in Generation I based upon user’s base speed.

For example, if you want to hit a regular move such as Body Slam or Psychic, the formula to produce Critical Hits will be:

CH% rate = (User’s base Speed) * 100 / 512

But what does this mean actually? Let’s take an example of Persian. A Persian has 115 base’s Speed and that means its Scratch attack contains (115 * 100) / 512 approximate 22.5 % chance for making a Critical Hit.

It’s because Persian is among the fastest Pokemon of first Generation. And therefore, it carries an approximate chance of 1-in-4 to score Critical Hit on regular attacks.

Now what if Persian uses Slash?

Slash is considered to have high critical hit ratio. In such cases when you have attacks that have high critical hit ratios, the formula goes like:

CH% = (User’s base Speed) * 100 / 64

This means that if you want to use Persian again, it’s Persian’s Slash attack will have (115 * 100) / 64 approximate 179.7% chance to score critical hit. However, this estimated number of percentage is nonsensical and Critical Hit ratio is decreased to 100%. But due to the factor of small quirk in RBY’s programming, nothing of Generation I is 100%. Instead, it’s 99.6%; this determines that Persian’s Slash will always score a Critical Hit 255 out of 256 times.

Pokemon that are even slower than Persian, for suppose Parasect, which is one of the slowest evolving Pokemon in Generation I has not more than 50% chances for producing or landing a Critical Hit when it uses Slash.

Venusaur and Victreebel’s Razor Leaf and Kingler’s Crabhammer and Farfetch’d’s Slash are some other STAB moves which hold a 99.6% chance of scoring a critical hit in Generation I.

Also, there comes an only other way to affect Critical Hits in Generation I and that comes with Focus Energy move. But if your Pokemon is fast enough, Focus Energy won’t affect Critical Hits at all. And if your Pokemon is slower, Focus Energy will stop your Pokemon from scoring Critical Hit in rest of the battle.

However, in Pokemon Stadium, Pokemon moves work out correctly and this makes regular moves formula of Critical Hit to change into:

CH% rate = (User’s base Speed) * 100 / 128

Using Swords Dance or Growth on Pokemon which uses high critical move; for example for Pokeomon such as Charizard’s Slash or Victreebel’s Razor Leaf etc; it’s not recommended. This is because in Generation I, critical hits ignore stat modifiers. And if you see it in a brighter perspective, the critical hit also ignores the target’s defensive boosts which will certainly work in your favor too in most cases.

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