Natures Type chart of pokemon

Pokémon Type Chart With there Natures

All Pokemon creatures contain their own moves. They’re assigned to their own characteristics and have unique strengths and weaknesses in both attack and defense.

If a trainer is well-aware of its using Pokemon’s type chart; it gets advantageous for the trainer. In this way, a trainer can make much more damage than normal.

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A single-type, let’s for suppose, take an example of Water attack against Ground-type Pokemon, will advantage in form of producing a double normal damage.

These advantages are also multiplied and it all depends upon the situation. For instance, a double-type will produce quadruple damage. Therefore, it proves how different types have their own features and respective advantages. In such advantageous cases after an attack is made, you will see a message appearing on the screen, ‘It’s super effective!’

However, these single- and double- types don’t only effect positively. Conversely, they will disadvantage in a way that will afflict half and quarter normal damage. And thus the game will reveal a message, ‘It’s not very effective…’

In Same Type Attack Bonus, there’s also another advantage you can gain. If a Pokemon is with the same type as its move is, for example a Fire-type move being given by Fire-type Pokemon, the power of the move gets increased.

In this case the damage is done 1.5 times normal. And if this situation occurs with a Water-type Pokemon attacking with a Water-type move to a Ground or Rock type Pokemon, it will give you six times (that’s 2*2*1.5) normal damage.

Type Chart:


defender pokemon type chart

Here this type chart will display you the strengths and weaknesses of each typed Pokemon. Take a view at the left hand side of the chart and see Pokemon’s attacking type. Then, look across the chart to understand how effective each type is against its opponent.


best pokemon defender type chart


0 corresponds to No effect

½ corresponds to not very effective (50%)

Vacant spaces correspond to normal (100%)

2 corresponds to Super-effective (200%)

orignal type chart

Note: This chart is for Pokemon games (2013 onwards) – such as Pokemon Go, Pokemon X/Y, OR/AS and Sun/Moon. Older games type charts are a slight different.

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