find a pokemon of specific nature

Do you know Some good ways to find Pokémon of a specific nature?

If you are new to it let me introduce, Pokémon Go is an android and iPhone game. In this game, the world is quickly swept. Players get the cheats, tricks, and tips for winning the game. It is a wonderful game that is designed with attractive graphics. With all the appealing features this is one of the interesting games in the world. It produces the obsession of catching Pokémon in the player. It is played on a wide level because of reality implementations. Some here I’ll explain some good ways to find a pokémon of a specific nature now.

1. Smaller circles are good for appearing:

For maximizing your chances of avoiding wasting poke balls and grasping a Pokemon it is useful for the player to look at the color and size. The color of the circle is the indication about the strength of the Pokémon. For the players, it is difficult to catch or to find a Pokémon of a specific nature. The colors will guide you to find the Pokémon of your choice. The red color means strong, yellow indicates medium and green represents weak. Wait for the circles to get shrink because it enhances player’s opportunity at strong Pokemon staying with a Pokeball.

2. Collect eggs at poker stops for more ways to hold Pokémon

In your pedometer, you have to hit many steps for hatching eggs. The app will not count, if you are driving. Walking is must for this counting.

3.Decide which type of Pokemon is suitable for you

If you want to catch the pokémon, then it is important to figure out the paw prints. It is important to choose the right natured pokémon for winning the game. 1 means the closest and 3 indicates the farthest.

4.Learn how to attract wild Pokémon?

Attract a rinning wild pokemon

For attracting the pokémon always follow poker stops. With the help of the active Lure, modules player can easily attract the wild Pokemon. You can spot them by perusing falling leaves in pink color. It lasts for thirty minutes. You need 100 coins for using your own.

  5. Mark landmarks

  1. For catching the pokémon or getting specific nature pokémon, it is vital to lead towards landmark poke stops. This is the best way to get pokémon.

  6. Approach them in their habitat

  1. To get certain nature pokémon, it is vital to get access toward their habitat. Players can find Pokemon of forest and grassland near parks. The sea pokémon’s are found near bodies of water or lakes. At night ghastly will appear.

  7.Switch off Function of AR

  1. For getting tame pokémon, turn off function of AR. Keep an eye on them, otherwise, they will run away. Switching off this mode will allow players to control or view them very easily.

    pokemon game in mobile view

    This is a user’s friendly game. Players can easily download it on their mobile devices for raising fun. It is available on your computer, Tabs, iPad, iPhone, Smartphone, and Android. This Game will give you more fun with good sound quality headphones.  This is an interesting game that is very easy to download on the device. It is formed to satisfy your thrilling nature.
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